MER Family
About Us

MER was built up from humble beginnings.  Starting as a small operation in a small space, it matured into a full fledged automation/engineering firm.  Founded by a man who spent enough time in the corporate world to fully understand it, and more than enough time to dislike it, the company was created as both an escape from that world and a plan to do things a better way.  A passion for machine design and production planning made this company the obvious avenue for a bold new venture.

Rather than collect a union of temporary workers and "employees," MER attempts, and succeeds, in finding people who do this not just as a job, but as a passion.  Building off this framework  the company survives and flourishes through the ebb and flow of manufacturing and the economy.  

These foundational values give MER a unique perspective.  The knowledge and experience we bring to designing and building machines is based on our exposure to them in the field.  Our strong roots in field service gives us a working knowledge of how custom automation equipment is used and functions in the manufacturing environmet.  Each of our technicians experiences the pains of poorly designed machines on an almost daily basis, and commit themselves to avoiding similar design flaws.  The infomation we glean from these tribulations is invaluable when it comes to designing fault conditions and running FMEA's (Failure Mode and Effects Analysis) on our own machines.  So when you work with us, you are not just getting a machine or upgrade, but the combined knowledge, ambition, and experience of people who take their jobs seriously because they enjoy them.