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We build Quality Fixtures!

Tube Gauge

Electronic Go / No-Go gauge for determining minimum
and maximum part length on two separate surfaces as
well as the correct bend of the part.

Depth Gauge

This Fixture was designed to test that a tube was not too tall. 
It electronically detects that it has been fully seated against a surface. If the tube is not too tall a green light and buzzer sound for a second.  If the tube is too tall it presses a center plunger up.  It will then sound a buzzer and flash a red light until reset by the operator.  The electronics are custom written on a custom circuit board using a PIC micro controller.  The fixture was designed to be operated on three AA batteries and have a minimum of four months at 1000 tests per day of battery life.
Innovative solutions are necessary to achieve a quality control fixture that can deliver relative consistency and be easily used by newer un-trained operators and personnel.