Manufacturing Engineering Resource prides itself of our ability to walk up to a situation, quickly and effectively assess it, and come up with a solution.  With years of manufacturing experience  behind us we are an excellent ally in the constant struggle with production quotas.  Between machine failures, tolerance stacking, and the constant improvements required on manufacturing lines, we understand the stresses involved in the manufacturing environment.  Our goal is to provide the services you require to keep your lines running strong and more efficiently.  We take a look at the important questions.

  • What process needs to be created or improved?

  • What is that budget that needs to be respected?

  • Is automation in your budget or would a fixture be more appropriate?

  • What tolerances do you need to hold?

  • Modify current equipment or start fresh?

We know that engineers use computers extensively to produce and analyze designs; to simulate and test how a machine, structure, or system operates; to generate specifications for parts; and to monitor product quality and control process efficiency, but sometimes you are left without the resources to achieve the goals of running an efficient line.  That is where we come in.  We look for the most cost effective and efficient way to produce your products and achieve the bottom line; money!  We study and determine the product requirements and the most effective way to use the basic factors of production-people, machines, materials, information, and energy-to make a product or provide a service.  We know you are primarily concerned with increasing productivity with newer technology and by maximizing efficiency.  We can and will help you produce the most effective solution to running a lean production line.

We are a company that prides ourselves in answering the questions you have as well as answering ones you may have not considered.  MER is more than just an automation company, we are a solutions provider.  We don't just do what we are asked, we look at the idea behind it, make suggestions, interact, truly understand what you as a customer needs, and then work with you to make that a reality.